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1.    Online videos
We have videos available to share of the House of Science team members using our science kits to do experiments at home. These are fun and hands on, which most students (and parents) should be able to do with items at home. As they are all linked to our kits, you can use our website resources such as teacher manuals, to expand on these. 

You can find them here on the House of Science NZ YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt3YIDxES7u3niLc9f7mJOQ/videos.  Try the Tea Bag Rocket experiment as one to easily make a start on! It works just as well with matches if you don’t have a lighter...


2.    Useful science links
We have links at https://houseofscience.nz/links/ to New Zealand science websites for activities suited to doing at home.   We even have our very own House of Science Ambassador, Siouxsie Wiles, featuring there. Take a look, please feel free to use these with your classes and share with your wider school community – i.e. in your newsletter to help us reach parents and caregivers with some helpful ideas.


We look forward to reconnecting with you all again in a few weeks’ time.


Stay safe everyone.

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